You need to stand out when it comes to business. You need to attract customers by being eye-catching, fresh and hard to pass by. If you have a brand you have an immediate advantage because you have a framework on which to build your services or offerings. A branded business carries with it an ideology, if people know the brand they know the company and what it stands for.

A brand carries the power to inspire and influence a potential customer, it can set you apart from your competitors. You need to think big, you need to grab their attention and keep it until they are fully aware that you exist, understand what you do and know that you mean business. Vehicle graphics and wraps allow you to form an impression in the field all day and all night where you work, park or shop. Commercial graphics are working to build your brand in the marketplace every time someone walks or drives by your vehicle.
Your vehicle is on the road everyday and should serve as an extension of your brand. It should showcase your business to prospective clients no matter what you sell, offer or service. Unlike a yellow page ad, which requires prospective clients to find you, it will serve as a consistent reminder of who you are, what you offer and how they can contact you.
It's the most visible asset for your small business. Whether you're at the shop, parked in front of a client's home or business, or just having lunch at the local deli, your vehicle should serve as marketing tool just like your business card. It's a billboard you already own, let it show others what you can do for them.
Shipping from the production facility generally happens four days after we receive an order. When SGI receives an order is determined by the speed at which the PO is processed by your dealer or distributor. Relax, the whole things takes about ten days including shipping and installation.
You've designed it and you love it. Once your order is placed, it will be reviewed by a Signature designer to ensure the layout is commensurate with the chosen vehicle. It may be necessary to make minor adjustments to ensure the design intent is met. You will not be notified of these changes as they are based on the actual vehicle and will provide a better, long term program.
The colors represented on your computer screen are a close representation of the colors Signature will print, but are not exact. Every screen is different and so is every printer. Our designers review every design as it comes in to check color, design elements and finalize the artwork. If there is a problem or question you will be contacted, otherwise you should have an email confirmation that the product has shipped in approximately 5 days.
You own your company name, but designs completed on the site are neither copy written or protected under US or International intellectual property laws when created on www.CommercialCurbAppeal.com.
Saved designs
Designs are archived for 30 days after you create it. If you continue to come back and create, we continue to keep it active.
Purchased designs
Designs that are purchased are archived for five years at SGI. You can reorder, alter for a different vehicle or show it off to friends for 60 months.
Your custom commercial graphics are produced on the same premium cast films as the largest fleets in North America. Unless reflective films are selected during the pricing process your graphics will be printed on non-reflective films.
Yes, an Overlaminate or Clearcoat. Both are high quality product offerings and provide a comparable level of protection. Your commercial graphics may be finished with either product and both are covered under the 3 year / 36,000 mile Adrian Steel warranty.
Reflective graphics are a high intensity vinyl which allows light to bounce off and reflect back to the consumer. This provides additional visibility to your prospective clients and additional safety for you and your vehicle.
Fleet studies show that reflective graphics result in roughly 40% more visual impressions than non-reflective graphics.
You can cover your windows with either a solid vinyl or Window Vision vinyl. The difference is that you can't see out of solid vinyl, but you can see out of Window Vision. Solid vinyl is covered by the warranty; however, Window Vision is not. Window coverage on vehicles is also subject to local laws, so we recommend that you check local laws in your area prior to ordering.
Looks spectacular when new and is a great idea, but perforated window films are an evolving technology. By the very nature of the product design, it is susceptible to damage and potential failure in very short timeframes. The films are generally 40% window void and 60% adhesive backed material. While it may look great on a city bus passing by it has its drawbacks on commercial vehicles and is not covered by the Adrian Steel 3/36 warranty. Water often gets under the edge of the material or it is damaged by snow / ice removal in the winter, causing frayed edges. Once the edge of the material is compromised it doesn't take long for you to have a program that does not match the rest of your carefully designed and installed commercial vehicle graphic. We sell it because some people have to have it, but beware, you'll probably have to replace this portion of the program every 6-18 months.
Installations are generally completed at either the Adrian Steel Distributor or Automotive Dealership. Your installation location will be confirmed at the point of purchase through your Adrian Steel Distributor.
Your Commercial Graphics will be installed by a trained professional. SGI completes more vehicle field installations than any single other company in North America. The Adrian Steel Distributor will utilize either an SGI installation crew or an SGI trained installer.
Installations are generally scheduled approximately 10 days after your order has been placed. Different designs you create will take different amounts of time to install. Basic graphics can be completed in an hour or two. Complete van wraps can take up to 6-8 hours to complete. You must provide your vehicle in good condition and washed within 12 hours of graphic installation. Do not apply wax to the vehicle prior to graphic installation.
Minor blemishes
This is not paint. During the installation process there may be a minor wrinkles (less than inch long) or very small bubbles. These blemishes are a result of the installation process with vinyl on compound vehicle surfaces. They generally dissipate over time in the sun and are not cause for concern for the longevity of the graphic program.
The vinyl used for your commercial graphic program utilizes an adhesive that is removable by a trained professional. If the paint is in excellent condition during the installation process it will be in excellent condition when your design is removed. Often times the vinyl acts as a protective layer over the paint and once graphics are removed the area covered looks as it did prior to installation.
Complete or partial kits are available for replacement, for any reason. Please contact your Adrian Steel Distributor with a picture of the area needing replacement along with a larger picture of the side of the vehicle for design confirmation. Your Adrian Steel Distributor will be able to reference your design with you and order a replacement piece to get your message back in the market quickly. Your Adrian Steel Distributor will collect payment in full prior to replacement graphic orders being processed.
Taxes are not included in the price estimate provided online. All taxes are calculated, collected and paid locally between you and the Adrian Steel Distributor. SGI is not responsible for identifying or collecting taxes associated with the program and cannot be held liable.
By uploading artwork, images or logos to our design website, you imply that you have approval or rights to use the files you have submitted or uploaded on your commercial vehicle. SGI will not be held liable for the unapproved use of a name, logo or image. The customer is completely liable for copyright infringement on supplied artwork. By designing on our site or purchasing a design created on our site, you are assuming all risk under law.
SGI will check your designs and art for spelling errors, we’ll even correct if possible but SGI is not responsible for customer submitted spelling errors once the order has been submitted.
Signature Graphics, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to print any order and does not have to provide a reason. If this situation arises the customer will not be charged. If we believe your graphics are meant to inflict harm or defamatory statements are determined to exist, your order will be canceled. Explicit graphics or images submitted are subject to local laws and SGI will not be held responsible. You will be contacted prior to production if there is an issue.
The graphics are produced on commercial grade vinyl and are very durable, but some additional care always helps. Avoid high pressure car washes, pressure washers and ice scrapers. No need to wax. You graphics are protected by a gloss clearcoat or overlaminate which should keep it looking in the marketplace.
Once ordered it can't be canceled or returned. It is designed by you, printed for you and can only be used for your business. Please be sure your design is final prior to ordering.
Your vehicle can be driven immediately after installation is complete, but it is best if the vehicle is not washed for at least two days.